• Generate Invoices
  • Enter Payroll
  • Enter Deposits & Payables
  • QuickBooks Data Entry
  • Create Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet reports
  • Reconcile all bank and credit accounts
  • Create/review monthly inventory, sales, and other reports.
  • Courier Services (Hard copies of data)
  • QuickBooks training
  • On-site services (File auditing, Creating filing systems, & Maintaining filing systems

Savings By Outsourcing

Employing a bookkeeper in-house can be expensive. That cost is not just comprised of salary (see chart below), but the other direct costs such as employer payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, medical insurance, retirement plans and other benefits such as paid time off. Don’t forget the time and expense involved to place classified ads, as well as interview, screen, test and train an employee.

TOTAL COSTS For In-House Bookkeeper?

  • $49,409.58 per year
  • $4,117.47 per month
  • $950.18 per week

Don’t forget the time and expense involved to place classified ads, as well as interview, screen, test and train and employee. Office space and furniture used for in-house bookkeeper can now be used for other core operations. Purchases of software and equipment needed for bookkeeping functions.

Data Entry Services

  • Generate invoices and send to customers
  • Enter deposits
  • Enter payables
  • Pay any bills due
  • Enter payroll/ Follow up on any past due accounts
  • Deposit Federal payroll taxes and withholdings (if a monthly depositor)
  • Deposit State payroll withholdings (if a monthly depositor)
  • Enter principle and interest on any loan payments
  • Review vendors for expired certificates of insurance and request updated information
  • If collecting sales tax, review resale and nontax customers for any missing or expired ST-4 or ST-5 forms and request updated information
  • Review A/R and create customer statements or mail reminder invoices as needed
  • Review A/P statements against possible missing or past due invoices to be paid
  • Reconcile and pay sales and/or meals tax (monthly filers only)
  • Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts
  • Create/review monthly profit and loss and balance sheet statements
  • Create/review monthly inventory, sales, and other reports


The median expected salary for a typical bookkeeper in the United States is $39,036. This basic market pricing report was prepared using a Certified Compensation Professionals’ analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies.

Payroll Taxes

A company must consider federally mandated costs for employees, such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation and Medicare. For each employee, a company should plan to spend 8.3 percent of the employee’s salary on these legally required expenses. $39,036 x .083 = $3,239.99.

Time Off

Employers pay workers for vacations, sick time and holidays, which cost the company a day’s pay for each employee. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLR) reports that in private companies, paid time off accounts for 6.7 percent of an annual salary. $39,036 x .067 = $2,615.41.


Employers offer health insurance to attract and retain skilled and talented workers. In addition to health insurance, companies may offer life insurance and disability insurance, as well. The cost to employers for insurance is 8 percent of the employee’s annual salary, according to the BLR. For a worker making $50,000, the cost of insurance to the employer is $8,000. $39,036 x .08 = $3,122.88.

Retirement Plans

Employers offer retirement benefits, such as 401(k) or pension plans. The cost to the employer for retirement benefits is 3.6 percent of an annual salary. Also, companies may match an employee’s contribution to a retirement savings plan. $39,036 x .036= $1,405.30.

How We Work

Compact office consults with top accredited accounting firms to review and ensure that your account reflects the fundamental accounting principles in regards to keeping your books accurate and up-to-date.

    • All paper work is scanned and uploaded to a personal electronic file-folder.
    • All paper work is reviewed, named, and indexed within a personal electronic file cabinet.
    • Compact Office enters all your bookkeeping directly into your QuickBooks account, posting bills, receipts and reconciling accounts
    • Our CPA consultants review and quality check all work
    • We solve problems and create management reports for day to day activities
    • Once completed, you will receive financial reports.
    • Lastly, enjoy running your business without the stress of hiring a bookkeeper to manage your finances. All monthly reports can be used and given to your prospective CPA.


When you receive an invoice from Compact Office, you may make a payment by eCheck or credit card directly from your invoice by clicking the pay now button. You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or an ACH bank transfer using this method.

You may also call 708.803.0727 or email and set-up recurring payments or make a one-time payment over the phone.

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